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This is an addon plugin for order delivery date and time plugin, it automatically sends a reminder email to your customer regarding upcoming delivery or pickup for their order, you can configure in the plugin how much time before a reminder email should be sent.

E.g: if the user places a pickup order for 25th April 2020 3:00 PM
and you have set the reminder time to be 30 min
then the customer will receive and a reminder email on 25th April 2020 2:30 PM

Sending of the email are handled by the WordPress Cron, so there can be a delay in sending of email if your website does not have any visitor on that time so we recommend setting up a system Cron job in your hosting, so Cron can be run even when you don’t have any traffic on the site

  • You can set how much time before a regarding should be send
  • subject of the email send
  • email header text
  • email message part
  • Send reminder email to the admin and staff so they can prepare the order before time
  • Set a different trigger time for the admin reminder email (pro)
  • Set different subject/header/message for the admin email (pro)



My reminder email are going late

Email sending process can only be done, if there was some one on our site at the time when the email was suppose to be send, if you have low traffic on your site then email will get delayed, this can be fixed easily by setting us a cron job in your server, (your hosting company can help you in this) here is a guide that explain you how it is done.

What is cron job and why I need to set it for email reminder

If you have low traffic then your email will not be send on time, so you need to create a cron job that will keep pinging your site at set interval and your WordPress will be able to send remainder emails even when there is no visitor on your site

Can this send a reminder email to admin as well


Can I add multiple staff email id to receive the order reminder email

you can do that in the pro version

Can I set different subject/header/message in the reminder email send to admin

you can do that in the pro version

Can this send order reminder email to my staff so they can make the order ready on time

Yes you can do that in the pro version

I only want to sent the reminder email for the pickup order

You can do that in the pro version, it allows you to set reminder email to customer for the pickup orders only (you can select the order type from setting for which to send the reminder order). You can set different order type for the admin reminder email and customer reminder email

Is it HPOS compatible

Yes the Free version and PRO version both are HPOS compatible

Three reminder email to customer

In the pro version you can configure to send 3 reminder emails to customer before the order date and time, E.g: first reminder will be send 10 hr before the pickup time and 2nd will be send 6hr before and last will be send 30 min before the pickup time


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